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You wouldn't trust your neighbor with your browsing & search history. Why trust hundreds of companies that track you.

Join over 750,000 people who've said NO to tracking.

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  • Surveillance Protection
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Epic is dedicated to protecting your privacy so no one can track what you browse and search.


Blocking tracking scripts and ads loads webpages as much as 25% faster than other browsers.


Every tab is a separate process so that you enjoy exceptional security.


Epic is powered by chromium for amazing performance and rendering.

In a regular browser
even in private
browsing mode, no
trackers are blocked.

In private browsing mode, you’re being tracked.

Your browsing and searches are likely still sent to your browser's servers. Hundreds of ad
networks, data collectors and other trackers can track your browsing and searches.

In Epic, they always
are so that you’re
never tracked.

NSA / PRISM / Surveillance Protection.

  • Epic uses an encrypted data connection to websites you visit whenever possible.
  • Epic automatically routes your searches through its proxy to protect them.
  • Epic protects your browsing from multiple NSA / PRISM partners.
  • Epic actively blocks thousands of firms trying to track you.
  • Epic's encrypted proxy protects your browsing from ISP and government surveillance.

* Powered by Chromium with no web services. * No Data Collection. * Always-On Extreme Private Browsing.

* Actively Blocks thousands of websites, ad & social networks, search engines & more from tracking you. * Fingerprinting Protection. * Built-in AdBlock.

* Encrypted data preference (WiFi protection). * One-Click Proxy Surfing to hide your IP Address.

How They Track You

I'm Being Followed.

How [the World's Leading Search Engine] and 104 Other Companies Are Tracking Me on the Web.
The title of a recent article by the Atlantic’s Senior Technology Editor on how pervasively he’s being tracked in his day-to-day internet browsing.

Visiting the top 50 websites will install over 3,000 tracking files on your computer!

Over 80% of websites use one or more tracking tools

http://blogs.wsj.com/wtk/. http://www.law.berkeley.edu/privacycensus.htm

Why Privacy is Important

From the perspective of hundreds of ad & data collection companies,
You Are The Product, waiting to be sold to advertisers.

“You know that dream where you suddenly realize you’re stark naked? You’re living it whenever you open your browser.”

The New York Times

Online Advertising is a $50 billion business.

Your age, race, sex, weight, height, marital status, education level, politics, buying habits, household wealth, health issues, vacation dreams, search queries and other personal details are collected and sold by data aggregators millions of times every second on ad exchanges.

“[Data collected through your browsing can determine]
whether you can obtain a job, credit or insurance.”

The New York Times

“Your information can be stored, analyzed, indexed and sold as a commodity to data brokers who in turn might sell it to advertisers, employers, health insurers or credit rating agencies .” The New York Times

There are dozens of data collection firms. The industry leader alone processes 50 trillion data “transactions” a year yielding revenues of over $1 billion. All from selling Your Data.

Online Data is Merged with Offline Data and Sold.

"Personally identifiable data from the online world is merged with personally identifiable information from the offline world, everyday," says the head of global privacy and public policy at Acxiom, a leading data collection firm to The New York Times.

These companies have big plans for your data. The world's leading search engine's former CEO:

“We know where you are. We know where you’ve been. We can more or less know what you’re thinking about.”

"Websites Vary Prices, Deals Based on Users' Information...A Wall Street Journal investigation identified several companies including Staples...and Home Depot, that were consistently adjusting prices.”

You would never let anyone stalk you in real life.

Imagine hundreds of people following you around your work, your home, at stores with a notebook, writing down everything you do!! That’s what happens everytime you browse the internet in an ordinary browser.

How Epic Protects You


Address Bar & URL Tracking Removed

  1. No Address Bar Suggest.
  2. No URL Check.
  3. Auto-Translate Removed.
  4. No URLTracker.

Installation Tracking Removed

  1. Installation-ID Removed.
  2. RLZ-Tracking Number Removed.
  3. Default Updater Removed.
  4. Installation Time stamp Removed

Error Tracking Removed

  1. No Alternate Error Pages.
  2. No Navigation Error Suggestions..
  3. No Error Reporting.


  • No History.
  • No Third Party Cookies.
  • No Auto-Suggest.
  • No DNS Cache.
  • No Web Cache.
  • No Sync.
  • No Autofill.
  • No Alternate Error Pages.
  • No DNS Pre-Fetching.
  • No Spell-Check.
  • No Automated “Most Visited Websites”.
  • Extensions Blocked except for Epic Webstore
  • Databases
  • Extension states
  • History
  • Local storage
  • Current session
  • Favicons
  • Application cache
  • Shortcuts
  • Topsites
  • Visited links
  • Preferences
  • Media cache
  • Indexed DB
  • Jumplist Icons Data
  • Data related to current tabs
  • Web, Flash & Silverlight Cookies
  • Pepper Data
  • Origin bound certificates
  • History provider cache
  • Login data



Search protection


do not track signal always - on

Local address bar auto-complete


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